Jan 5, 2013

Adelaide’s Room

I figured it was about time I posted some pictures of Adelaide’s nursery. You know, since I said I was going to do it before she was born and all. Opps.

This is the view from her bedroom door.


This little sign used to be on my nursery door when I was a baby.


This recliner used to be my grandmother’s. It is so comfortable and definitely the perfect place for those middle of the night feedings. Although, Adelaide has given me two nights of 11 hours straight sleep and two nights of 9 hours straight sleep this week, so maybe those middle of the night feedings will be a thing of the past soon!


I keep meaning to get some things hung up on the walls. I need to hang these two pictures somewhere and I also have a set of old fashion alphabet cards that I want to hang over the dresser.


Here is the dresser that I redid over the summer. I still love it!


Here is a better view of the window corner. I made the curtains as well as the bed skirt on the crib.


And the crib…I had the bumper made and it turned out so cute!



And the inside of the crib, with my little helper. :)



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