Jan 29, 2013

We Survived

Jon was out of town all last week. He left Monday morning and wasn’t supposed to come home until late Friday night (but he got to come home around lunch on Friday instead).

It was the first time he had been out of town since we had Adelaide, which meant it was the first time I was on my own with both kids. Yikes!

During the day it was fine, but the evenings were a little rough. Once it came time for dinner, baths, cluster feedings and bedtime things got pretty hectic. Once I got both kids down for the night, I was ready to go to bed myself! When Jon was home on Friday, the evening was so much easier! The week may or may not have consisted off a little more TV watching, a little more crying, a little less of a clean house and a little more take out for dinner. :)


The weather was nice and we did get a lot of outside playing in during the week. We even hosted a playgroup, which was really fun and the perfect way to fill out a morning and wear Aedan out for a good afternoon nap. :)


Jon is going to be doing some more traveling in the next few months, so I am going to have to get used to it. He gets to go to Brazil, Amsterdam and probably Malaysia again…lucky! The good news is his next trip is scheduled for spring break so my sister and mom are going to help me out for a few days. And then the next one probably won’t be until April or May. As Adelaide gets older our evenings will get less hectic and hopefully that will mean it will be easier to do things solo if I have to.

On Saturday, we had a babysitter come over so Jon and I could do a little shopping for the house. We want to finish off our bonus room this year and are looking at getting some new furniture. It is amazing how much fast you can shop without two kids with you! We hit up all the stores on our list and got to have a nice lunch out. It was great and the kids did well too…thanks Katelyn!!

We pretty much just hung around the house on Sunday gearing up for a busy week. Jon has a few appointments/meetings this week and I have a bunch of work stuff going on. It is only Tuesday and I am already looking forward to the weekend!


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