Feb 6, 2013

Life Lately…

I don’t really feel like I have had much to write about lately. That and things have just been pretty busy. :)

I have gotten back into the swing of work and I am working on starting up a new client and finding some new therapists so that has been keeping me pretty busy.

Jon and I also decided that we would try having someone come to our house to watch the kids instead of taking them to the sitter’s house every week. We have been so blessed to have the sitter we have been using since Aedan was about 3 months old. We love her! But, it is much harder to take two kids over and potentially mess up two nap schedules since my schedule varies week to week. Plus, Jon is going to be doing a decent amount of traveling during the next few months and it would be nice to have someone who could help me with our evening routine a couple of nights a week when he is gone. We found a girl through care.com and she started this week. So far it is going really well. We are going to have her come twice a week and even on the days I don’t have to see clients, I will still be able to use that time to get work done and/or run errands or whatever needs to be done.

So I tried to do a bottle boot camp with Adelaide yesterday. And I caved. When we did it with Aedan, it was because he would not take bottles at all. With him, I was able to pump a ton of milk so we did our bottle boot camp and never looked back. Adelaide will take a bottle, but only if it is milk that has not already been frozen (I have too much lipase in my milk and apparently scalding it doesn’t do the trick for her). It’s really only a problem, because I don’t seem to be making as much milk and therefore can’t always pump enough (plus pumping is not my favorite thing to do). I thought maybe I could try an get her to take formula in a bottle but it was a bust. She took about 8 oz. total yesterday and I just felt so bad. :( I am going to try to pump more to increase my supply and I read the milk can stay in the refrigerator for 8 days before it is used, so I think I will stop freezing what I do pump. Then I should have enough for the few bottles I need her to take each week. Fingers cross anyway.

And since I haven’t gotten out my good camera in awhile and I always like to post pictures, I would post a few of my instagram photos up here for the grandparents and great grandparents to see…

This is from awhile back, but I love that he is watching Toy Story dressed up as Buzz.


Concentrating pretty hard during tummy time…


Aedan is so good with Adelaide. Now that she is getting more interactive he likes to talk to her and tries to give her toys all the time.


Love watching him cuddle num num and play after a long nap.


This was after Olympics day at school. They met at the YMCA instead of at school, and basically got to play all morning. He was exhausted!


Okay, time to get some work done…


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