Feb 27, 2013

Our Entry Way

I shared some pictures of our entry way here. Basically it looked something like this…


I have been wanting to change it up for awhile. I wanted to move the table on the wall next to the stairs and add some sort of bench in the entry way.

I came across this on Pinterest and emailed it to Jon a few months ago. He liked it and said he would talk with his friend Aaron about building it.

DIY entryway bench

That’s all we really said about it, until one afternoon Jon texted me a picture of him working on it. I thought he was just hanging out over at Aaron’s house, but apparently they had gotten started on building it.

Aaron finished it up for us and brought it over a couple of weeks ago.


Jon and I spent a couple of evenings staining and then Jon finished it up by adding some hooks. I love it! It fills up the space perfectly and provides some good storage for us.


We also moved the table over to the blank wall near the stairs and now that area is a little more finished.


Now I just need to not be so lazy and actually take some pictures with my nice camera. :)


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