Feb 8, 2013

Five Things Friday

  • I went jeans shopping yesterday…ugh. Shopping for jeans is no longer fun. I did find two pair that I like and I got my normal size (too bad it’s still a size bigger than I’d really like to be), but they just don’t look the same. I don’t own a scale but I am guessing I have about 10 lbs. of baby weight to lose still.


  • In the spirit of losing weight, Adelaide and I went for a walk after I put Aedan down for his nap (Jon works at home, so don’t worry, I did not leave my 2.5 year home along). :) It is a beautiful day and we had a nice walk through the neighborhood. Now if I could just keep it up on a regular basis, maybe I could lose those last few pounds before swimsuit season. Because swimsuit shopping is much less fun than jeans shopping.
  • Over the past few months Aedan has really been impressing me with his language. He has always been a big talker and an early talker, but lately Jon and I have been commenting on how his conversations have changed. It’s becoming more like having a conversation with a little kid instead of a toddler. I guess since he will be 3 in about a month, he is on his way out of toddlerhood.
  • Speaking of Aedan…when I picked him up at school last week, one of the teachers said “see you later alligator”. Aedan looked at her like she was crazy and said “um no, no I’m not an alligator, I’m an Aedan”. Haha! The whole way home he kept asking why she called him an alligator. “Mommy, I’m not an alligator, right?” :)
  • So my great little sleeper Adelaide has not been doing so great. Sigh. She sleeps great during the day, I literally wake her from every single nap. And she goes to bed at night with zero problems. But she is waking up to eat at least twice every night, sometimes three times. Luckily she eats and goes straight back to sleep so it is not difficult, more just annoying. Aedan was taking horrible naps at this age, but sleeping 12 hours at night. Meh, I’m not sure what I prefer. I am hoping by the time she is 4 months she will be at least back down to one night time feeding. That I can handle. Now I am off to make my afternoon cup of coffee…got to get through the day somehow.


Happy Friday!


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