Mar 11, 2013

Aedan’s Birthday Party

We had Aedan’s birthday party on Saturday. We decided to have it at our house since the amount of adults still out numbered the kids quite a bit. We rented a bounce house and figured everyone would have fun hanging out in the backyard.

Except it was cold and rainy.

So we had lots of wet kids jumping in a bounce house (I’m pretty sure they still loved it) and a packed house inside. But Aedan had a blast and it was so great to hang out with all of our friends and family!

Jon’s parents spent Friday night with us and brought Aedan his first bike…he loves it. It has blinkers and a horn.


My parents bought him a play kitchen and he has been cooking for us ever since.


I took zero pictures the whole party so these are a few my sister took.



I think Jon has some more on his phone, so hopefully I can post some of those soon.  To everyone who came, thank you so much for helping us celebrate Aedan’s birthday!!

Two more days and Aedan is officially THREE!


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