Mar 29, 2013

5 Months!

Adelaide is five months old! Almost half a year. When I think back on her newborn days, it seems like so long ago. It’s funny now when annual type things are coming up (Easter Egg hunts, etc.), I keep thinking about how things were different last year at this same time. Around this time I was sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. I remember Aedan and I not doing much other than hanging around the house. I felt awful and I don’t miss that at all! I’m looking forward to spring and summer with two little ones instead of being sick with one little one.


Adelaide, here is what you have been up to lately:

  • According to our scale at home, you are in the 14 lbs. range. You have definitely gotten a little more chunky this month but you are still so small compared to Aedan at this age (you can read his 5 month update here). He was around 17 lbs.
  • You still only take about 4 oz. per bottle. We were just getting to the point where you were taking 5 oz. at each feeding, but then you got sick and started taking less.
  • You still wake up once a night. You eat and go straight back to bed, but still. You need to sleep through the night! We were giving you 4 oz. at night, but we cut it back to 3 oz. because you stopped eating in the morning. Then we decided to start feeding you before we got to bed around 10:30 and just letting you cry if you wake up in the middle of the night. The first night, you downed your bottle at 10:30 and woke up at 4:15. You cried/fussed for about 10 minutes and went back to sleep until 7:30…much less painful than I thought it would be!
  • You take great naps. You take two long naps around 9 am and 1 pm and then a catnap around 4:30 pm. Then you go down for bed at 7:30 pm. You still sleep on your tummy and you go to sleep by yourself perfectly.
  • You know how to roll from your tummy to your back, but you only do it in your crib. Sometimes you cry out of make noises during your naps, but you fall right back to sleep. I know you are really done sleeping when I look at the monitor and you are on your back talking. :)
  • I have given you oatmeal a couple of times. You seem pretty indifferent about it. I think we are going to wait until 6 months to start you on foods. I think you will be more interested then.
  • You love to watch Aedan play. The times you are awake when he is awake are so easy. You mostly sit in my lap and just watch whatever he is doing. He loves it when I narrate what he is doing to you. When I stop, he always tells me to make you “wook” at him.
  • You have also started to notice Hiro more and more.
  • You are good at holding big toys and grabbing the toys are your play mat. You try to bring stuff to your mouth but you are not quite there yet.
  • You have gotten better about riding in the car. Although seems to be about a 30 minute limit. Any ride longer than that is not acceptable to you.
  • You love your daddy. You flash him big smiles every time you see him and you love when he just carries you around.

Adelaide, you are such a sweet girl. I love watching your little personality come out more and more each month. Love, mommy



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