Mar 13, 2013

Three Years Old!

Today is Aedan’s third birthday. I can not believe it! How have three years gone by since we brought this little guy home from the hospital??


Last year I filled out this little survey and I am planning to do it again this year, but for now I thought I would just give a little 3 year update.


So Aedan, this is what you are up to these days…

  • You go to bed around 8 every night, but sometimes you will stay up talking to yourself for up to an hour. I have to go in and remind you that it is time to go to sleep. It’s like you are having a slumber party with yourself!
  • You wake up around 7 every morning, although I have your bunny clock set to 7:20 and for the most part you will stay in bed until it changes, then you fly out of bed and open your door to let us know your bunny woke up. Just this past week, you have started taking the baby gate down from your doorway. Guess it’s time for that to go. It cracks me up because you will wait until it’s time to get up and then take the gate down and let yourself out of your room.
  • You eat like a squirrel. Honestly sometimes I think you maybe have 5 bites of food a day. If you do eat, you like cereal or eggs and waffles for breakfast. You love strawberry breakfast bars, strawberries, oranges and grapes. When you eat vegetables, you love carrots, spinach, asparagus and broccoli. I make a pasta and olive meal that you devour. We have it just about every week because I know I can count on you to eat it. You love the feta cheese and capers in it.
  • You still love your milk, but we have cut down on how much you get. You get a cup in the morning, a cup before naptime and a cup with dinner.
  • You nap from 1-3:30/4 on the days you are home from school and from 1:30-3:30/4 on the days you go to school.
  • You go to school twice a week and after crying every.single.time we dropped you off during the first semester, you finally stopped. Your teacher says you are always happy and do a great job following directions. :)
  • You love love love to wrestle with daddy. Every time he comes out of the office during the day, you immediately drop whatever you are doing and ask if he is all done with work. You two are  best buds.
  • You have really started to do a lot of pretend play this year. It is so fun to watch. You love to play with your tools and blocks as well as all your Toy Story figurines and Legos.
  • You still talk all.the.time. We have whole conversations now and you tell us all about anything and everything you think about.
  • You are so good with Adelaide. You are very gentle with her and when she starts fussing, you will start talking to her or patting her. Just today, I was putting away some clothes and left her laying on your bed. I came back and found you sitting next to her just talking to her. She was just smiling away at you. She already thinks you are so great.


Aedan, I can’t believe you are three years old. You are such a wonderful addition to our family. I love watching your personality come out more and more as you get older. I look back at your baby pictures and just realize how much I have come to know you since then. You are so precious to me and I love you so so much. –your mommy-


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