Mar 25, 2013

Our Anniversary

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary! It is hard to believe it has been 6 years since we said I Do!


Unfortunately things have been pretty busy around here, so we aren’t doing anything special today. I am hoping to get a babysitter for sometime next week so we can go out and celebrate.

Jon was in Brazil from the day of Aedan’s birthday party until last Sunday. He was gone for 9 days, which was a really long time! I had some help from my sister and my parents since it was spring break, which was great. Unfortunately, when everyone left on Thursday, both kids got sick. Friday and Saturday nights were very rough…very little sleep for everyone. We were all very ready for daddy to come home!

Jon brought home another cold and I am not sure if I caught that or the cold the kids had, but I felt pretty awful all last week. Thankfully, everyone was back to normal by Friday so we enjoyed the weekend.

Being sick for a week, just put everything behind, including blog posts. But I am hoping to get back on track this week. So on Wednesday I should have the questions I asked Aedan on his birthday and on Friday I will have Adelaide’s 5 month (!) update.


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