Apr 15, 2013

A Little of This and a Little of That

Jon got back from Amsterdam Saturday evening! We were so excited to have him home. Aedan was especially excited because he has been dying to open some boxes in the garage.

Earlier last week, I met up with Jon’s best friend to pick up a play set from Costco (thanks Aaron!!). We had been looking at a couple of different play sets on Costco’s website and almost ordered one a few weeks ago. I glad we didn’t because, last weekend we saw the one they keep in stock at the store was on sale for a great price. Jon and Aedan started working on it on Sunday…I’m not sure Aedan is actually help speed things along but he is loving all the “building” that is going on. I know he is going to love playing on it soon!


Adelaide learned how to roll from her stomach to her back a few weeks ago. The only problem is she flips over and then gets stuck. Since she sleeps on her stomach this is not so great for naptime or night time. After a week of flipping her over at least once during each nap and once at night, I decided enough was enough. I got a couple of towels and wedged her in bed. So far so good. Occasionally she scoots herself forward enough and then flips over, but usually its only towards the end of nap or in the morning.


Jon and I have been watching the new Vikings show on the History channel. Well, we watch it on the Xbox since we don’t have cable, but I think it airs on the History Channel. It is really good!

I picked up some new summer clothes for both kids last week. I got Adelaide a little skirt outfit and I just love it. I can’t believe I am going to be writing her 6 month update in just a couple of weeks!


Oh and Aedan had his school pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! His teachers told me their photographer is good, but I can’t believe he got Aedan to pose the way he did. I will post them soon, but here is what Aedan does to me every time I try to take his picture…


He is saying “no pictures Mommy! I’m cooking!” Oh, and yes that would be him in his underwear and a t-shirt. He hates wearing pants/shorts! Jon says it is because I let him wear a diaper and a t-shirt all the time when he was little…probably true. He will come in from playing outside and tell me he wants to take his shoes, socks and pants off. Ha!


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