Apr 5, 2013

Phone Pictures

I need to be better about getting my good camera out and taking some good pictures of both kids, but it is so easy to take pictures day to day with my phone.

Here are a few from my phone lately…

Easter baskets for Aedan and Adelaide. Aedan loves the Magna-doodle and Adelaide loves the carseat toy. So far she doesn’t seem too excited about the Sophie giraffe, not sure what all the hype about it is.


Our neighbor’s boys hid some eggs for Aedan to find in our front yard. Such a fun surprise after naptime! One of the things I really wanted was for us to have good neighbors and we have been so blessed. We are surrounded by some great families!


With the time change, we have been enjoying more evening walks. Aedan loves to “walk” Hiro. Sometimes Hiro will randomly stop because he sees Jon and I walking ahead and thinks no one is holding his lease (he will freeze if his lease is left unattended).


We took the kids to the park last weekend and I put Adelaide in the swing for the first time. Obviously she was thrilled and pretty much can’t wait for her next swing experience. Ha!


Here is a better one of her…she is so smiley most of the time (aka when mommy or daddy are present).



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