Apr 29, 2013

Our New Play-set

Jon finished this up last weekend, but I just got around to taking some good pictures of it today. Aedan has been using it so much! I think we pretty much lived outside all weekend.


The bottom has a little door and lots of big windows. Aedan loves for either Jon or I to sit inside and then he will drive over in his jeep and pretend to order some food.


The top has a steering wheel on one side and a telescope on the other. Both are big hits. Aedan also love to eat lunch up there. It is perfect because he can eat, wonder off and play and then eat again without worrying about Hiro finishing off his lunch.


And the view from the edge of our porch. It is so fun to sit and watch Aedan play. I can’t wait to see both kids out there playing someday.


Next we want to fill in around it with mulch and make a more defined play area.


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