Apr 26, 2013

A Day in the Life

It has been awhile since I have done a day in the life post. A very long while actually…you can read my previous ones here and here.

I thought it would be fun to do one again. My days are still different depending on if I am seeing clients or not. This is a day that I see clients. Next week I will try to do a day when I just stay home.

6:00: Jon’s alarm goes off because he has to head into the office today. He only goes once a week or once ever other week (love the work from home position!). When he does go in, he likes to leave early to miss the traffic and get home earlier.

6:30: Jon’s out the door and I continue snoozing in bed. I tell myself I’ll get up at 7 and start getting ready before the kids get up. Ha!

7:05: Aedan comes in and tells me he sees “Pooper’s” (aka Cooper) car outside. I made the mistake of telling him, last night, his cousin is coming over for dinner and he is super excited. To bad he still has 12 hours to wait! I tell him it’s early and he needs to go read books in bed until his bunny gets up. He takes Hiro with him and actually stays in his room for the next 25 minutes. I should totally get out of bed, but I don’t. :)

7:30: Adelaide is waking up and Aedan’s bunny clock is awake so it’s officially time to get up. I get Aedan some milk and make Adelaide’s bottle.

8:00: Both kids have had breakfast and my oatmeal is just about ready. I eat oatmeal every.single.morning. After I eat, I get the kitchen cleaned up and then go make up the beds. I always make the beds. Always. It instantly makes the house feel cleaner. After the beds are made, I start a load of laundry. If I start one in the morning, I am pretty good about getting it folded and put away. If I wait until later in the day, I always forget about it.

9:00: Adelaide goes down for her first nap and Aedan gets to watch a TV show. He decides he wants to finish up Kung Fu Panda that he started the night before. I make a cup of coffee, check my email/blogs and then go get ready for the day.

10:30: I get Adelaide up early (she usually sleeps until 11/11:30) and we all head over to our playgroup. We meet every other week and it is so fun! So nice to hang out with some other moms and our kids get along really well.

12:30: We are back home. Adelaide goes down for her second nap (usually she goes down with Aedan at 1, but since I got her up early she is tired already). Aedan and I eat lunch and then he goes down for his nap at 1.

1:00: I start to get all my stuff together for work in the afternoon.

2:00: One of our babysitters comes over and I head out to Starbucks to get some work done before I have an overlap with a client and a new therapist.

3:30-5:15: Overlap with my client. Everything goes pretty well, I only got pinched once (by the kid, not the new therapist). :)

5:30: I get home. Jon is already home and Aedan and his sitter are playing outside. She goes home, Jon finishes up work, while I get Adelaide up from nap number three and feed her again. Then we all get ready to go see my sister & brother-in laws’ new house. They are building in a neighborhood exactly 5 minutes from us. So excited!

6:00: We check out their awesome house. Aedan and Cooper have a blast playing in the dirt and Adelaide has fun just being held. :)

7:00: Everyone comes over to our house for dinner. I made tortilla soup, which is crazy since it is April, but it has been a pretty chilly day. We eat while the boys play outside.

7:30: I feed Adelaide again and put her down for the night, then head back out to the living room to hang out with everyone. We have a great time catching up and Aedan has a great time playing outside with Cooper.

8:30: They head home, I finish cleaning up, while Jon gets Aedan ready for bed. I tuck him in around 8:45 and we read his favorite library book of the moment, I Want My TRUCK. It takes him awhile to fall asleep since he is still so wired from playing and staying up late, but eventually he is out.

9:00: Jon heads up to the bonus room to play on his Xbox and I take a shower. I never used to be a shower at night kind of person, but I kind of forced myself into the routine about a year ago since it cuts way down on the time it takes for me to get ready in the morning. Now I love it. Such a nice way to end the day.

10:00: One last look at emails and blogs. I watch a few YouTube videos and get ready for bed.

10:30: Jon and I are out for the night.


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