Apr 19, 2013


So glad its almost the weekend! The weather is supposed to be great so hopefully we will spend a lot of time outside.

  • Speaking of outside, Aedan’s play set is almost finished. Jon just has to attach the beam that holds the swings. It is so cute and Aedan loves it already. We are planning to make a mulch area all around the set, but that might be a few weeks down the road.


  • This little one is going to start getting some solid foods this weekend. I have given her some baby oatmeal a couple of time in the past month, but she is not a fan. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to eat it either. Aedan didn’t ever like oatmeal until we started mixing it with fruits. So this weekend we are going to try sweet potatoes and then next week we will try apples.


  • This morning I took both kids by HEB to grab a few things and then we headed to the library. Aedan and I used to go to the library about once a week, but we honestly had not been since Adelaide was born. We just get so busy during the week with school, work and playdates. There was a preschool story time this morning, but it was right during Adelaide’s nap so we went afterward. Aedan had fun picking out some new books, and playing with the library toys. I know once school gets out, we will probably be at the library more frequently.  Any good toddler/preschool books you love that we should check out next time?


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