Nov 11, 2013

12 Month Stats–Adelaide

We had Adelaide’s one year check up on Friday. The doctor said she is doing great and looked perfect.


Since I wasn’t able to include her stats in her 12 month update, I thought I should right them down here before I forget…

She is 28 in. tall (15 percentile)

She weighs almost 19 lbs (18lbs, 13oz to be exact) (13 percentile)

She got two shots and only cried for about a minute. She showed the doctor how she can walk around the room, clap and wave hi/bye and point. She wasn’t too thrilled about him listening to her heart because she just wanted to grab the stethoscope but she cooperated with pretty much everything else. She has 8 teeth and he said after the one that is popping through on the bottom comes in, all she will be missing are molars!

Her next visit will be at 15 months, which just seems so crazy!



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