Nov 4, 2013

Phone Pictures!

Monday phone pictures! With Adelaide’s birthday and 12 month update post, I didn’t get a chance to share these last week.

A boy and his best friend…


They both love any kind of car cart…Target needs to jump on this bandwagon because I have a little one that things it is fun to stand up in the regular seat.


Carving pumpkins! Aedan was pretty thrilled to use the drill to get things started. He is really good with it too. Someday he will be the one hanging pictures and curtains for me since someone else hates to do it!




Adelaide loves Aedan’s chair. She has this routine down… she lays on her boppy and drinks her bottle, then when she is done, she immediately climbs into Aedan’s chair. She obviously doesn’t mind whether he is already in it or not! Ha! Aedan is pretty happy we got her a chair of her own for her birthday.



She was so proud of herself and waving at us!


Happy Monday!


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