Nov 8, 2013

Trick or Treating & More

Okay, last post about Halloween stuff.

On Halloween, we ate a quick dinner and got the kids ready to trick or treat.

Adelaide was dressed up, but rode in the stroller most of the time. Here are a few pictures of Aedan going from house to house.



He was a big fan of ringing doorbells. The houses that just left candy out in a bowl were not so exciting. Ha!

We live on a pretty long street and we almost walked the whole length of it. When we got back to the house, I put Adelaide to bed and then Aedan, Jon and I hung out in the front yard and visited with our neighbors while passing out candy to the older crowd. I think that was Aedan’s favorite part. Next year we may spend more time giving out candy instead of collecting it for ourselves!

Oh and here are a few pictures of Adelaide and her new chair…she loves it!

20131103_111237 (1)

20131103_111241 (1)

And one of her jumping out of the chair…which is another favorite activity of hers. Seriously, she is nuts! Haha!

20131103_111242 (1)

Happy Friday!


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