Nov 6, 2013

Adelaide’s Birthday Party!

Last Saturday we had Adelaide’s birthday party!

After a week of rainy weather, we had a perfect cool fall day! We had the party in the late afternoon/evening. It was nice because we didn’t feel rushed to get everything ready for an early party.

Jon’s parents were able to stay with us for the weekend, so it was helpful to have two extra sets of hands to entertain the kids while Jon and I got stuff done. Adelaide even wised up and realized that if she wanted to be held, she better start liking people besides mommy and daddy holding her. By the party, she was being passed around between lots of family and doing really well…until she got tired, then she just wanted mommy or daddy again. Sigh.

We served chili for the adults and hot dogs for the kids. I made chocolate cupcakes with butter cream icing. Both a recipe from Jon’s grandmother and both came out great!

We had so much fun hanging out with good friends and family! I still cannot believe she is 1!!

Here are a few pictures…


20131102_175530 (1)




20131102_175856 (1)


She really didn’t know what to think about everyone singing happy birthday to her or the cupcake. She mostly went after the icing and then she was done. Ha!