Jan 14, 2014


Yikes, a whole week gone and no posts. Things have been so busy lately. I generally try to get work stuff done during nap time and now that Adelaide only take an hour morning nap, that just leaves me with the afternoon to get everything done. I used to blog once my work stuff was done…like today, or in the evenings but I just haven’t felt like it too much. Hopefully I can get back into posting regularly. I love looking back and reading about past.

I’m planning to do a 15 month update post for Adelaide next week. She is at such a fun age! I used to think I would just love having a little baby but after seeing Aedan get into the toddler/preschooler phase, I just have so much more fun with that age. She is getting close to dropping her morning nap and I can’t wait! It will free up our mornings to get out and do thing without having to rush home for lunch. She and Aedan both still nap for a good 2.5-3 hours (well Aedan is usually up after 2/2.5 hour) in the afternoon which is wonderful.

This morning I had her skip her morning nap and we went up to north Austin to visit my grandmother. Aedan was at school so it was just the two of us. She did so well! We got to meet a few of my grandmother’s friends and had a great visit in her apartment. Then we ate lunch outside while Adelaide ran around. Such a fun morning!

Yesterday, I took the kids to a park play date. The weather was great, but the wind was awful. It made it feel much colder that it was. They  still had a lot of fun!


We just got a gate for the top of the stairs. When we first moved in two years ago, we just put a gate at the bottom to keep Aedan downstairs. We didn’t have much in the bonus room at the time, so he really never wanted to go up there. Fast forward to now, our toy collection as expanded upstairs and Aedan loves to play up there. Since he is up there, of course Adelaide wants to be up there too. I got tired of just sitting by the stairs while they both played so we decided to get another gate.

Both kids think it is so fun to throw toys, through the gate, down the stairs. Sigh. At least Aedan likes to go retrieve everything when they run out of items.


Sounds like nap time is coming to an end. Time to get out and play in the backyard and enjoy this gorgeous weather!!


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