Jan 21, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend the weather was perfect! We spend a lot of time outside.

My parents came down Saturday morning and we all headed straight to the park.

Adelaide finally decided that it is okay for someone besides mommy or daddy to hold her, even when mommy and daddy are around. Thank goodness!

Of course by the time I decided to take a picture, she decided she was done.


She also learned how to go down the slide by herself. As in, she will sit down at the top instead of just try to walk straight down. Crazy girl!

After lunch my mom and I headed out and did some shopping. We had so much fun! I picked up some new makeup and skincare items. My skin has been so dry lately.  I am totally in love with the stuff I got. It was a little pricy, but totally worth it!


This is what Adelaide does when I get out my phone to take a picture…she just wants to play with it and has gotten good at throwing little fits. I think 2 is going be a hard year for her us.


And this is what I was trying to take a picture of…multiple times a day this is what my living room looks like. Aedan’s absolute favorite thing to do is to take all the pillows off the couches and play under them. He is under there in the picture.


I have this great cookie recipe that I love. Lately the batches I have been making haven’t turned out as well. I finally bought some fresh baking ingredients and that seems to have done the trick. They came out perfect last night! I also picked up this little scooper recently and love it!


Next up I want to pick up these silicone baking mats to use instead of parchment paper. Anyone used these before? Do you like them?


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