Aug 14, 2009

8 weeks

Here is my 8 week belly picture. Since Jon was out of town most of the week we didn’t take it until last night so its a little late.


The Unisom and B6 combo my Dr. told me about works really well, but it totally knocks me out for a couple of hours so I really can’t take it in the mornings. I have been feeling a little better throughout the day and I have been able to get a lot of rest this week, which was great!

Jon has to work all day tomorrow, so I think I am going to attempt to start cleaning out the kitchen. We have decided we need to go through each room and do some cleaning out and organizing. I think I want to start in the kitchen. I will make sure to take some embarrassing before pictures and hopefully some impressive after pictures. :)

Have a great weekend!



Christine said...

It sounds like you are already nesting, ha! Belly looks great...hardly much of a bump yet, skinny minnie! :)

The Haynes Family said...

hahaha, I agree with Christine - you are nesting!! Wanna come help us pack for our move? ;)

Shannon said...

I know you don't know me personally as I stumbled upon your blog from another one (but I couldn't tell you where LOL). I just had my second son in May and I was sick ALL THE TIME!!! My doctor prescribed Zofran. I don't know if you are opposed to taking prescriptions, but if not I highly recommend it. It doesn't make you sleepy and instantly takes the queasyness away. Hope you are feeling better soon and the second tri brings you much relief!

Chelsa said...

glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better! i know any relief helps some, doesn't it?!

you look so good at 8 weeks! :) with my first i didn't show until i was close to 7 months... 2nd and now 3rd time around-- not so lucky!