Aug 6, 2009

My Staycation

This week my parents are in town for a conference my Dad is attending at the Four Seasons. So this is where I spend the afternoon today and I plan on spending the morning tomorrow.


It’s okay, you can be jealous. :)

My day started off a little rough (basically every morning is rough right now), but once I get past the throwing up, I feel good for most of the day. This morning I had my last appointment with our fertility specialist. My Mom came with me to the appointment, which was great. She got to see our little one’s heart beat (a strong 165 bpm).  My Dr. said everything looks great, and we officially graduated and are ready to go to a regular obstetrician. Yay!

After my appointment, my Mom and I ran some errands and then headed to the pool. Even though its 105 here, we still enjoyed sitting under the big umbrellas and floating around the pool. The pool guy brings out snacks every hour…frozen grapes, smoothies, etc.  It’s a nice life.

Now I am home and I am feeling pretty good, so I think I am going to force myself to do some cleaning. At least I have another day of my “staycation” to look forward to tomorrow.

Oh, I got more ultrasound pictures. I will post them later today or tomorrow. Everything looks great and right on track. My official due date is March 23,2010. Our anniversary is March 25, maybe we will have an anniversary baby. :)


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Lyr said...

That place looks just amazing! I AM totally jealous! Oh and congrats on the baby... so exciting!

I want to keep up with you so I'm going to start following! :)