Aug 15, 2009

Kitchen Clean Up

Since Jon has been in Houston for work all day, I decided to take on the kitchen. I clean out all the drawers and cabinets, as well as the pantry.

I took before and after pictures of the messiest cabinets and drawer and of course the pantry.

Our kitchen utensil drawer before.


And the drawer after.  


The spice cabinet before.


The spice cabinet after. I am planning on buying some cabinet wheels so that we can easily find the spices that are hiding in the back.


Probably the most embarrassing…the tupperware cabinet…yikes!


After some cleaning out and rearranging, I moved our tupperware to a bigger cabinet…much better!


The full pantry before.


And the pantry after, looking much more organized.


And here is my nice clean, organized kitchen. Ahh, much better.


Now I just have to figure out what to do with the stuff I cleaned out of the cabinets.


Oh well, that will be a job for tomorrow. :)



Brittney said...

Looks good! Don't you just hate when you get all the cleaning and organizing done and then you have that extra little junk pile?! I think you may have given me motivation to tackle my entire house!

Nicki and Mathis said...

Great job!!! Like all the before/after pictures! One thing I have loved about moving is that it forces me to go through things and clean stuff out.

Chelsa said...

i love before and after pics!! my tupperware cabinet is forever getting messy :( It's up high and I'm sooo short so I end up just kind of "tossing" things up there!

Jill said...

Come do mine next!! It looks great!