Aug 20, 2009

Before I let another week go by

I thought I should post something. We haven’t been doing much around here, just lots of lazy days at home, running errands and of course a little bit of work.

Jon finally had a few days off which has been great! His next few jobs are remote, which means he gets to do them from the house. I’m glad he won’t be traveling for at least the last part of this week.

School goes back on Monday around here, so my work schedule is about to change. I am going to be picking up a few morning hours with ECI (early childhood intervention) services. I’m excited about getting to do therapy with some little ones (they only work with kids under the age of 3).

My favorite client is starting second grade this year. This is the first year in 3 years that I won’t be going to school with her. Since she is going to public school, her therapist aren’t allowed to go in. I think its a good move and I think she is going to love her new school.

My other client has had a few rough weeks and I am not sure what to do. He is 4 and he throws some pretty bad tantrums…like throw himself on the floor, kicking and screaming. My Dr. said I shouldn’t lift anything over 20lbs…but there are times when I have to lift him off the floor. I am very careful about the kicking, but I’m not sure how to get past the lifting. What do you all think? Should I think about coming off the case? I know its just going to get harder once I start getting bigger, I’m just not sure how long I should wait.



Just Thinking Out Loud said...
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The Haynes Family said...

It will definitely get harder as you get bigger, plus you probably don't want to risk any trauma to your little one. :( I think you should talk to other moms in your field and see if they have had this experience and how they dealt with it.

side note: wait until you DO get bigger. you're going to have the funniest comments from the kids you work with :)

p.s. I had to use a belly support to get me through some days... that might help if you decide to stick with your client.

(the last comment was me, but I realized that I was logged in as Steven - that could have made this awkward... hehe!)

Christine said...

That's a tough one. I taught autistic teens with severe behaviors for a few years so I know how hard it is to leave them and also how dangerous they can be! As much as you will miss your student, it may help alleviate some worries. Kids are fast...he could very easily kick you before you can block or step away. You know the kid best...go with your gut.

Jill said...

What a tough situation! I have zero expertise with this but I would vote to change the situation so your baby is safe. Maybe talk to the child's Mom to see if she could be present to pick him up. This may not work in a therapy situation but it's an idea. You have been though a lot to get pregnant so my thought is to everything you can to protect the little Dechico. Remember it's only a temporary change!