Sep 10, 2009

2nd Trimester!

I have officially entered my second trimester!! Yay!! I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday that went really well. I got to hear a strong heart beat again (158bpm). My nurse said she thinks its a girl. She did add that she has been doing this for 12 years and for 11 years she was dead on every time, then this year she has be wrong every time. So I guess who knows! :)

My doctor gave me a prescription for Zofran since I am still a little on the sick side. I couldn’t stand the Phenergran anymore, it just knocked me out and left me feeling groggy all day. My doctor was worried that the Zofran would be expensive (she said to expect like $15 per pill, yikes). Lucky for me, when Jon picked up the prescription we got the whole thing for $5. I have only had to take 1 pill in the mornings and it keeps me feeling great most of the day! Can I just say Zofran is now my best friend! I think it helps that I am towards the end of the whole sickness period, but I am so glad I have this to make the next few weeks easier!

What stinks is that now that I am feeling better, Jon is going to be out of town all weekend and I have to spend the weekend on school work. Ugh.


Oh, I completely forgot, I finally got my hair cut and highlighted today! Oh my goodness, it had been way too long! I had her cut 3.5 inches off and its still long. I love the length and the color! :) I’ll have to post some pictures this weekend.


Kristen said...

That's so great to know that there's a pill to help the sickness! I just may have to use that one day.

I definitely need a color and cut, SOON!

Lyr said...

Yay! Let me tell you that after I got through with my first trimester; it was so much better!!! Zofran was my saving grace for my first trimester! I’m praying it gets easier for you! I hated being sick!!!

Chelsa said...

i need my hair cut and highlighted in a bad way!
glad to hear that your sickness is doing better and that the new pill works better for you.
heart rate at my appt. on tues was 161. :) i'm thinking ours is a boy though.