Sep 7, 2009

A Long Weekend

It was great to have a 3 day weekend. Jon only had a remote job early Saturday morning, so we were able to spend most of the weekend together again.

We didn’t do too much this weekend. Friday night we took Hiro out to Auditorium Shores and picked up dinner at El Chilito. Saturday we slept in, ran errands, cleaned the house and had dinner at Central Market. When we came home I made some delicious brownies!

On Sunday the weather was finally under 100 degrees here (literally for the first time in about 70 days!), so Jon took Hiro out to play and I enjoyed some reading outside on a blanket. Sunday night we had a good friend over and went out to dessert at Amy’s Ice Cream, yum!

I had to do some school work this weekend as well…yuck! Since I am graduating in December, I have to take comprehensive exams in October. It will be 4 essay type questions over my all my grad school classes. I got the study guide for the 4 questions last week, so I decided I would make a study guide for 1 question every weekend. That should take me until the end of September and then I have most of October to study everything I type up. October 30th, I get to spend all day taking the test.

This is what the desk is going to be looking like for the next 2 months.


Now for some belly pictures.

10 weeks


11 weeks


My clothes are starting to feel tight, I think I may need to do some shopping soon. :)



The Haynes Family said...

Hi little Dechiro!!! :)
I'll pull out all my maternity clothes for when you come visit... yay!

Kymberly said...

Aw YaY!! too cute