Sep 12, 2009

Finally a Productive Day

  • House clean…check
  • Laundry done…check
  • Exam study guide made…check
  • Research homework done…check
  • Dishes done…check
  • Dog walked…check

I am so glad I was able to get so much done today. It was the perfect day to hang around the house and be productive. It rained pretty much all day so it was nice to stay in.

Tomorrow I have to go to a school meeting and then I think I may do a little shopping. This weather has made me want to start decorating for fall! :)



dara o designs said...

where do you get your cute background templates? Also, I made soup last night because the weather reminded me of fall! It is perfect!

dara o designs said...
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Chelsa said...

i told my hubby last night that it is about time for me to get my fall decorations out! glad you had such a productive day! i had one last week and it made me feel so much better! now if i could only stay caught up like that forever...!

Jill said...

I love those kind of days!