Sep 23, 2009

Scratch that…it felt like winter today!

I can not believe how cool it was here today! Tonight it is only about 55 degrees! I am loving it!! Too bad they are calling for 90s this weekend. :(

Tonight Jon’s sister had us over for dinner. It was great to see her family! We always have so much fun when we get together. :)

Since one of my clients has the flu, I have my afternoon free tomorrow. I was supposed to go do a school observation in the morning, but since lots of kids in the class I was going to see have been sent home with the flu, I decided it would probably be better for me to wait. That means I have the entire day off tomorrow, yay! It’s Jon’s normal weekend day so we will have the whole day together. I am hoping its still rainy and cool outside. That would be the perfect soup and grilled cheese, pj’s and a movie day.

Since I have the whole day off and I am sure I will be looking for ways to procrastinate on my paper writing, I will try to post some belly pictures. I think we may have missed week 12, but I need to check. I’ll either post weeks 12-14 or 13-14 tomorrow.


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Chelsa said...

it's been big in the news here about h1n1 and pregnant people, it's starting to freak me out!

it's been raining here since monday and is supposed to continue through until saturday! crazy!

hope you enjoy your day off! i was off yesterday, but had a migrane all day :(