Sep 2, 2009

My Last First Day of School

Last night I had my last first day of school forever (well unless I decide to get my doctorate degree, HA!). Its great to be so close to graduation! My only regular class is a research class, which shouldn’t be too bad. I am also taking a practicum class, where I have to volunteer my time to do some ABA in the public schools. It should be a good experience, I am just hoping I get into a good school with a knowledgeable teacher.

Other than school starting, it has been a pretty typical week around here. I was going to try to make it up to Plano this weekend for Labor Day, but I am still not feeling too great, so I think I am going to pass. I think I may spend some time this weekend shopping for some new clothes…mine are getting on the tight side! :)

I know I am so behind on posting belly pictures, but we have been taking them, so I will eventually get around to plugging my camera in and downloading them…I am so lazy!


1 comment:

Rachel said...

You have a right to be lazy! Do it while you can because when the baby comes, being lazy is over haha.