Oct 20, 2011

A Few of My Favorites–Beauty Edition

Today I thought I would make a list of my favorite beauty products. You know instead of working on a progress report, cleaning the house or doing laundry during Aedan’s nap. I love reading other’s favorite things post, so why not…

First off, I have been using this face wash for the past 3+ years. I occasionally try something different and then remember why I have been using it for so long. It works for me and I feel like it gets my skin clean.

I also use this eye makeup remover. I have been using this stuff since high school. My grandmother started buying it for me and I have never used anything else. I am honestly not even sure where to buy it since I have had my current bottle for forever (and I use it just about every night). When I was in drill team in high school, we had to wear a lipstick called Cherries in the Snow. It was awful. I don’t like lipstick and this one was horrible and stayed on forever. Seriously, it would never come off. But when I used this stuff it came off beautifully.

Borghese Gentle Make Up Remover Facial Liquid Cleansers

I have never used anything special on my hair. Obviously I wash it with shampoo and conditioner (oh, anyone have a good conditioner that detangles?? I need one!), but other than that I don’t put anything in it. When I got it cut a couple of months ago the ends felt so healthy and I wanted to keep them that way so I started using this heat protectant. I really like it and notice a big difference when I use it vs. when I forget.

I am not a big makeup person. I wear it, but not a lot of it. In fact all the makeup I own fits into my Vera Bradley bag, which I love. So even though I don’t own a lot of it, there are a few products that I love.

I recently started using Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. It is the perfect base for any eye shadow or to just wear alone.

The other thing that I have been using for a good 6 months now is the VitaZing moisturizer from Origins. I love, love, love it. It is like a tinted moisturizer but it is the best one I have ever tried. Most days I put it on with a little powder and I am good to go. It comes out of the bottle a cream color, but then as you rub it in it adds a tint and gives some coverage, it’s amazing!

VitaZing™ What about you guys? Favorite beauty item?


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