Oct 18, 2011

19 Months!

I can not believe Aedan is closer to two years old instead of one year already. I thought his first year went fast, but this one is going by so much faster!


Aedan, what are you not doing these days?!? You are so busy!

  • I think you are probably around 26 lbs. You are still wearing size 3 diapers, which cracks me up, since you have been wearing that size since you were 6 months old! You are too skinny for size 4. You wear size 24 month/2T (can someone tell me why these are two different sizes??) in shirts and size 18 months in pants. You wear size 5 wide in shoes; you still have chubby feet!
  • You would probably drink milk 24/7 if we let you, but most days I limit you to 2 glasses. You love orange juice and get so excited when I give it to you some mornings. You are okay with apple juice, but I think you like water better.
  • You are still talking all the time and coming up with more words everyday. Yesterday I found you following Hiro around and telling him to “da pit” (drop it) because you wanted to throw his ball.
  • You absolutely love Hiro. You follow him around all the time and ask for him as soon as you wake up in the morning and from your nap. You even insist on him coming in for story time before bed every night. Too cute!
  • Speaking of sleep, you still go to bed between 7:30/8 and you have started to sleep in if we let you. Most mornings you wake up around 8, but this last weekend you slept until 9! You are taking a great afternoon nap, usually from 12-3. I wasn’t sure I would like it when you went down to one nap, but I love it! We get so much done in the mornings and I get lots of work done while you are asleep.
  • You love playing with your cars, blocks, bouncy balls and all your other toys, but what you love most is sweeping and mopping. You get so excited when I tell you were are going to vacuum (with the floor vacuum; you still are not a huge fan of the carpet vacuum), and you love to pull out the steam mop or broom. Your daddy says it means that I clean too much since you love to imitate. :) Maybe so, but your future wife will thank me someday.

Aedan, each time I look at you, I just can not get over how big you have gotten. You can do so many fun things and are so precious to us. We love you so much and are having so much fun watching you learn everyday. Love, mommy


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