Oct 9, 2011

Our Weekend and a Pinterest Project

We actually got rain this weekend. As in it rained for more than 5 minutes at a time! Jon and I woke up last night to the sound of heavy rain and it continued all morning and is still sprinkling now. Maybe fall weather is actually here!?!?

Friday evening we headed down to Town Lake and did some walking/jogging (I’m trying to get back into working out!). After a little workout, we picked up dinner at P Terry’s and ate at one of our favorite parks. Aedan had a blast running around.

Saturday morning while I got my hair done, Jon and Aedan went down to Cabela’s. We all got back just in time for lunch and then everyone took a long nap. When Aedan finally woke up, we headed out to do a little shopping. We browsed World Market, picked up some fall clothes for Aedan at Old Navy and picked up a new Xbox game for Jon at Best Buy. We came home for dinner and just enjoyed a quiet night at home.

This morning we went to breakfast at Dan’s and then came home and got the house cleaned before lunch. While Aedan napped, I ran a few errands and got the supplies to make my first Pinterest project. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you must check it out. If you need an invite, let me know.

So here is my inspiration…

Pinned Image


And here is mine…


I found the hurricane glass at Target for $9 and then the peas, beans and corn kernels were just a few dollars. I decided to do one bigger glass and left out the candle. I may change it up later, but for now I like it just the way it is on our kitchen table.


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