Oct 5, 2011

Mid Week Update

Man, where has the week gone? Last Friday while I was at my conference, I got a text for Aedan’s sitter saying she thought Aedan was coming down with a cold. Jon picked him up early and the poor guy was pretty miserable all day.  Then Saturday, Jon started to feel bad and sure enough on Sunday I started to feel sick. We are all just now starting to get over this cold.

We tried not to let being sick ruin our weekend. The weather was amazing and it has been too hot for way to long, so we took advantage of it. Saturday morning we went for a hike on the Greenbelt with some good friends. Then Sunday morning, Aedan and I meet my good friend Larissa and her son at the park for a breakfast play date. Other than that, we just relaxed around the house and all enjoyed long afternoon naps.

Oh and check out this expressive guy…

_MG_6105 This is Aedan’s surprised face, which he does when he is legitimately surprised and on command, especially when it is to impress the ladies. What a mess!


_MG_6107And this is what he does when I ask him to say “cheese” and smile. Oh my.


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