Jun 19, 2013

Father’s Day Weekend

We had a really nice Father’s day weekend.

Friday, Jon had to go into the office, so he got home right at dinner time. Usually we run some errands and go out to eat on Friday nights, but we decided to just stay in. It was perfect.

I spent the whole day cleaning the house…which makes it sound like I must have cleaned every inch of the place, but really that is just how long it takes to clean while entertaining a 3 year old and a 7 month old!

Jon did stop by and pick up chips and queso to go with our leftover tacos. After we put the kids to bed, we just hung out and watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. We are on season 4 now and really liking it!

On Saturday, we relaxed around the house for the morning and then I headed to the grocery store alone (funny how something like going to the grocery store alone is a bonus now!) :) Anyway, I picked up stuff for the rest of the weekend and then headed home.

Saturday afternoon, I did a webinar with a friend of mine. I took my board exam almost 3 years ago and every 3 years I have to get a total of 36 continuing education hours. After Saturday’s webinar, I am only short 3 hours, so I am almost there!

Saturday night we had some good friends over and I tried some new recipes. Everything turned out pretty good. We had fun visiting and Aedan had a blast entertaining everyone. We found out they are expecting a baby in November and we are SO excited for them!!

On Sunday we decided to venture out for breakfast to celebrate Father’s Day. We used to go out to breakfast every Saturday before having Aedan. Then when it was just him, we still went out a couple of Saturday’s a month. After having Adelaide, we really haven’t been out to breakfast much. It went pretty well, so maybe we will start up the routine again. It’s always nice to come home after a big breakfast to a clean kitchen. We put Adelaide down for a nap and a movie on for Aedan and just relaxed.

Jon had a soccer game that afternoon and when he got back we had an early dinner and headed to the pool. We have tried to go to the pool a couple of times before dinner, but then it always seems like such a rush when we get home. It worked out great to go after dinner. I cleaned up the kitchen while Jon did bath time and then we put two worn out kids to bed!

Our kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful father! We love him so much!!




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