Jun 12, 2013

Life Lately…

We got our new computer in yesterday…I LOVE it! It has been a long time since I have had a desktop computer and this one is pretty cool.


It’s a Dell XPS and is an all in one desktop. It is like a giant tablet that we can pick up and move from place to place, or we can set it in the stand and use the wireless key board and mouse. It’s not going to live on our island forever…I ordered a desk from World Market, but it’s not in yet. Hopefully next week, I will be able to show some good pictures of it all set up on the new desk.

Last night I went to a mom’s night out with some of girls in my moms group. We had a blast! A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends posted a link to this article on Facebook. It made me laugh because it is so true! So I guess, we took it to 4th base at moms night out this week!! I really feel like we are getting settled here and growing some roots. I’ve made some great friends and hope that we just continue to get closer as our kids grow up together!

And of course no post is complete without a picture of the kids…


She was super happy all day today. She got lugged around to swimming lessons and playgroup and even had to sit outside in the heat while her brother drove his jeep around the backyard. Nothing but smiles. :)


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