Jun 28, 2013

Five Things Friday

  • Today, I am headed up to Plano…alone! I am going to help host a baby shower for my best friend. I am so excited for her! I’m also going to get to spend some time with my sister which will be great!
  • That means, it’s Jon’s first weekend alone with both kids. He has done it a couple of times with just Aedan, but this will be my first weekend away since having Adelaide. After all the traveling he did for work these past few months (not to mention the second round of traveling that he will be doing this fall!), I think I have earned a weekend away!
  • I bought Aedan a pair of goggles this week. I was positive he would not want to wear them, but he kept them on through his whole swimming lesson Wednesday morning. Then when we went to the pool again later that day (we are pool lovers this summer!), he wanted to wear them again! I need to get a picture, because him in goggles and his puddle jumper is just cute, plus it will be a good picture to pull out when he brings his girlfriend to meet us. :)
  • I hosted a busy bag swap with my moms group yesterday. It was really fun. We all made a set of one activity and then swapped so we all took home 10 different activity bags. I haven’t even had a chance to look through everything we got, but I know Aedan will love it! I made a color matching game with paint swatches and clothespins. It was super easy!
  • Phone pictures from the week…

Aedan at swimming lessons20130617_085047


What Aedan felt like we needed to bring home from our park play date last week. I asked him where Adelaide should sit and he told me I should just carry her to the car. :)20130617_121133

She loves pineapple!20130625_181501

I’m off to go get things loaded in the car so I can head off soon!


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