Jun 7, 2013

Phone Pictures

I thought we would have a slower paced, less busy schedule this summer, but if every week is like this one…then not so much! I have a few posts in the works but I haven’t been able to sit down and finish them/add pictures. So here is a little recap of our week via phone pictures.

Aedan loves to either play like someone else is stuck and he has to be the rescuer, or that he is stuck and needs to be rescued. He isn’t the least but dramatic. ;) At least he has shorts on!


This one is obsessed with my phone already. Anytime I have it laying on the floor near her, she immediately starts reaching for it.


Adelaide has always loved watching Aedan play. I catch her watching him all the time and love it!


I’ve been working on losing the extra baby weight I’ve been carrying around. I am officially down 10 lbs. and back down to what I weighed before getting pregnant with Adelaide. My next goal is to get rid of the extra 5 lbs. I am still carrying around from being pregnant with Aedan. Then if I am really honest, I‘d like to lose another 5 lbs. on top of that and get back to what I weighed when we got married. So I’ve got another 10 to go, hopefully by the end of the summer…as I sit here and eat a chocolate chip cookie, ha!



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