Sep 13, 2013

3.5 Years

Today Aedan turns 3.5. So so crazy! I feel like he was my little guy such a short time ago…


And now…


Aedan, here is what you are up to these days…

  • You weigh about 35lbs and I am not sure how tall you are, but you have definitely gotten taller this past summer!
  • You go to bed around 8/8:15pm and you wake up around 7am (although I can usually get you to lay in bed quietly until 7:30am). You still take a solid afternoon nap. Sometimes it’s 3 hours, but most of the time it is 2.5 hours. You have maybe skipped your nap once in the last year.
  • You go through eating phases. Sometimes you eat pretty well and other times you eat nothing.
  • Your favorite food is probably fruit snacks, oatmeal, and trail mix
  • You tell us, all the time that you love us, and that Hiro is your best friend
  • You are so imaginative. Last week for a couple of days you were Handy Manny and then after that, you had some imaginary robots hanging out with you. We even had to put them to bed in the office at bedtime.
  • Probably your favorite thing to do is to just stay home and play. You always have fun when we go out, but a lot of the time, you tell me you just want to stay home (we are alike in the area).
  • You are very helpful and follow directions well (when you want to!). I feel like we have turned a corner this past month. Right at 3, you were pretty challenging and while you still have your moments, you are overall pretty easy.
  • You are really good with Adelaide, although you aren’t so happy when she tries to take whatever you are playing with (which at the moment is her one goal in life). You like to help me go wake her up in the morning and from her naps and help make her bottles. You bring her toys all the time and sing to her in the car when she is fussy.
  • You get really annoyed when Adelaide tried to talk to you most of the time. All she really says is “da” or “gah” and you keep reminding her that your name is Aedan, not “da”. :)
  • You like to “read” us book now when we put you to bed. You version of The Hungry Caterpillar is pretty cute!
  • You are very into fire trucks but you still love love love to fix things with tools.
  • You think your daddy can do anything. Whenever we can’t find a toy or get something to work you tell me not worry, daddy will do it when he is done with work.
  • You are pretty good at running errands and will just walk with us next to the cart.
  • You can get in and out of the car by yourself now. All I have to do is buckle you up.
  • You love to swing and play in the backyard with Hiro.


Aedan, I could go on and on about the things I love about you. You are such a special little boy. You are so smart and kind. We love you so so much! Love, mommy.



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