Sep 27, 2013

Phone Pictures

Time to load up a few pictures from my phone…

I went inside to grab something and when I came back out, this is what I found…


Such a good big brother (sometimes)



Aedan’s class made pet rocks the week Jon was in Scotland. Aedan names his daddy…he missed Jon a lot that week. Looks just like him, right? :)


On an afternoon grocery trip, we scored a car cart. I will only push the ones that are the size of a normal cart, with the two level basket. I absolutely refuse to push those extra long ones! I have tried it once and I ran into everything! Such a pain. Anyway, we scored a good one, so instead of Adelaide riding and Aedan walking, they both got to drive.


Obviously they both had fun and it made for a super easy trip for me. Dear HEB, please make more of these carts instead of the extra long ones! Thanks!


The weather cooled down last weekend after a Friday full of rain. We had the windows and doors open all day! Adelaide will climb over everything, but she hasn’t ventured out the door yet. I know it will be coming soon (reminds me of Aedan crawling through the doggie door), but for now she is happy to sit and watch Aedan play outside.


Happy Friday!!


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