Sep 9, 2013

Phone Pictures

Some of these are repeats from Facebook and Instagram (laurenelissa). But I like having them up here as well so they can be part of our family scrapbook.

All this one wants to do is climb all over me 100% of the time…



A random afternoon in the playroom…love that Aedan has his safety goggles on!


We don’t go up in the bonus room too often (although I love that we have it!). Sometimes it is nice to change it up and play in a new place for awhile…















Adelaide has pretty much lived in onesies all summer before it is always so hot. Now that she is standing up more, I figured it was about time she wore some big girl clothes. Obviously she is super excited about it!


Another upstairs playtime. Aedan was pretending the keyboard could control my iPad. Adelaide thought she needed to help out.



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