Sep 2, 2013

Daddy is Home

Jon has been in Brazil for the past 8 days. As I am writing this, he is on a plane making his way home…finally! By the time you read this, he will already have been home for a couple days.

This trip was his 4th international trip this year, and 6th week+ long trip. Unfortunately he has at least 2 more international trips and one more regular trip scheduled. All before Adelaide's first birthday. Excessive…I think so! :)

He went to Brazil for the first time in March. In fact he left after Aedan’s 3rd birthday party. I thought I would make a little list of why this trip was better than the last one…

  1. Adelaide sleeps through the night now. I am a firm believer that any and every situation looks better when you get a full night of sleep!
  2. Adelaide can hold her own bottle. Oh my goodness, this saves me so much time. She can drink her bottle while I get breakfast made or while I am helping Aedan get ready so we can head out  the door.
  3. Having girlfriends that will bring their kids over for an evening play date/dinner so you can talk about more than just Handy Manny at dinner.
  4. Having said girlfriends come back over after bedtime to share some wine and snacks!
  5. Becoming a pro at managing bedtime solo with two little ones…and looking back and realizing that those 3 day business trips, when I was left with just Aedan at home, were not nearly as hard and I thought they were. :)

We are so excited for daddy to be home!! And I am so blessed to have made some wonderful friends out here!


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