Sep 11, 2013

New E-Reader

I have always been a big reader before I go to sleep each night. Growing up, I don’t remember not reading before bed. Before we had Aedan, Jon and I used to read every night before going to sleep.

Then we had a newborn and reading took a back seat. You know, when it takes you so long to put the baby to sleep and you know he will be up just a few hours later, you just want to get some sleep yourself. :)

Once Aedan got older (and better at sleeping!), I got a nook color when they first came out. I loved it! It was perfect for reading and blog surfing.

Then I upgraded to an iPad which was great for work, emailing, blog reading, etc. but not so great for reading. Yes I had the nook and kindle app and I used them occasionally. But the iPad is just too big and heavy to really be comfortable reading in bed.

Then we had Adelaide and reading took a back seat again. Sigh, those babies. :)

Well, I decided if I wanted to get back into my reading habit, I should get a reader that made it easier to read in bed and took away the ability for me to get distracted with emails and blogs.

So, last week, I bought myself a nook simple

So far, I really like it. It is small and easy to hold in bed. It has a glow light, so I can read even if Jon is asleep. And it is just an e-reader. So when I pick it up, all I am doing is reading. Not getting distracted with other things.

I am reading Gone Girl right now, which has been on my reading list for awhile. Have any good recommendations for books to read next?


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