Sep 25, 2013

In to Everything

Adelaide will be 11 months next week…so crazy!

She is such a mess. Ever since she started moving, she is just such a mess. I feel like once Aedan started moving, he was just gone. He was fast and everywhere, but not so much as crazy as she is. She loves to climb. She likes to climb all over me, all over pillows, all over toys. I even caught her trying to climb up on her little push walker. Such a mess.

Lately one of her favorite things is the dishwasher.

She like to climb in it…


And take everything out of it…


When she is not doing one of those two things, she is generally holding onto the dishwasher rack and “talking” all about how she feels. When I try to make her move so I can shut the dishwasher, I always end up having to pry her little fingers off…she is obsessed with that thing!

Luckily she is not tall enough to push the buttons…otherwise I know we would be in trouble!!


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