Jan 6, 2014

Back to Work

Today is our first day back on a regular schedule.

Jon had to work a few days last week, but it was pretty slow, so he was able to hang out with us a lot at the same time…perks of working from home!

Today, Aedan was pretty bummed that when Jon said he had to go to work right after breakfast, he really meant it.

Aedan doesn’t go back to school until next week, but I have to work a few days this week, so it feels like a normal week. It is super cold here, but the kids and I made it out to run a few errands this morning. Our frig and pantry are loaded up for the week and I am planning on make chili and corn bread for dinner tonight!

Last weekend we took Aedan to see Frozen and then last night Jon and I went to see Anchorman 2. Both were good. Aedan was glued to the screen for most of Frozen and as soon as it was over, he asked to watch it again. Jon and I laughed a lot during Anchorman 2. Not as good as the first one, but still fun to see. I love going to the movies when it is cold outside. It just seems like the perfect thing to do.

I was looking back at my Christmas post and I realized I never posted these pictures. The Friday after Christmas, Aedan and I went up to Round Rock and hung out with my parents for the morning.

Baking cookies with Nenna…

20131227_103512 (1)

Watching a movie with Pop.


It was a fun morning! My mom had gone through some pictures at my grandmother’s house the day before and found this one of Jon, Hiro and I…6.5 years ago! Hiro was such a baby!



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Neena said...

So fun being grandparents!