Sep 16, 2014

Our First House Together

*I wrote this post last week and then forgot to schedule it to publish, oops! We closed last Friday!*

When we moved into our current house, 2.5 years ago, we decided to put our previous house up for rent. We looked into selling it, but the market was not so great and we were able to rent it out for a small profit each month so that made more sense.

Fast forward a couple of years, the market has gotten a lot better and while we have had pretty decent luck with our renters, we decided now was a good time to simplify things and sell it.

The house when up on MLS on a Wednesday and not even 24 hours later, we had 5 offers, all for over our asking price! We were able to pick a good solid offer and we are all set to close soon.

Since it was the house we came home from our honeymoon to, the one we brought Hiro home to and the house Aedan came home for the first time to, I thought I would share some pictures one last time.

There is the pergola that Jon built…


The kitchen I mudded, painted and stained.



The new floors we had put down in the living room and hallways…




I know I have pictures of the bedrooms somewhere on my blog, but I can’t seem to find them! Here are a few of my favorite posts from our first house though…


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Paola said...

Hi Lauren, Congratulations on your first home together.
I have a product that I would like you to review in your home. If and when you are ready to do so contact me. my email is paola{at}rugpadcorner{dot}com.
Enjoy your it!