Jun 13, 2008

another week gone by

Jon bought a motorcycle today. I will post pictures of him on it once I get some. It is pretty cool looking and I know he is excited. I'm a little worried about the safety issues, but I know he will be careful - I hope anyway!

I just finished my online exam for one of my classes. I think I would have rather taken a test in class. When it's online, your answers have to be perfect since the teacher knows you have the book and notes in front of you. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and I am glad it's over. 2 more weeks left of summer one, then I get a week off before I start summer two.

I know that by the end of the summer I will look back and be glad I got 12 hours out of the way in two months, but right now I am just plain tired. I feel like I am not as good of a student, therapist, friend, or wife as I could be if I was not so busy. I am going to try to relax this weekend and spend some quality time with Jon; who have feel like I have been putting on the side burner between work and school and other obligations.

Plan for the weekend:
Tonight - happy hour with work friends :) then off to see Sex in the City with some girls from my small group - yay!! Jon will be out riding his new bike with his friends.
Saturday - lunch with Jon's grandparents and then quality Jon and Lauren time and hopefully I can get some school work done.
Sunday - finishing up homework and hopefully to the pool for some relaxing Lauren time.

Hopefully it goes as well as the plan. I will let you know!

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