Jun 19, 2008

Is it Friday yet??

This week has been exhausting! I feel like my list of things to do is never ending!

I talked with my advisor at school and I have decided not to get my teaching certificate along with my masters. Here is my new plan...I am going to be getting my masters in special education along with a specialization in Autism. The specialization will prepare me to sit for the BCBA exam. I am going to be able to start training to be a supervisor in the near future, which I am really excited about. If I was to get my teaching certificate I would have to take a year off to do a teaching mentorship in a public school. I really don't want to ever teach. I really just want to be a consultant. This plan will allow me to finish with a lighter school load (which mean more work hours) and more classes that I am interested in. The only bad thing is that the two classes I am in this month are not part of my degree plan so I didn't need to take them. I have learned some good information in both of them so I guess its not all bad. I am excited about only having to take one class in July.

The lady that is cleaning for us came today. It was SO nice to come home to a super clean house! She is going to come every 4 weeks to do a deep cleaning. It should make my life easier since I will only have to do a light cleaning the other weeks.

I have decided to take a "me day" tomorrow. I am not going to class and I am going to try to get weekend homework done early as well as do some relaxing by the pool! I am very excited!

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