Jun 7, 2008

Funny Story

Jon and I got Hiro neutered a couple of weeks ago (it was sad, I know). He did really well, but he licked his stitches out the day they were due to come out. So the vet told us we had to keep him from swimming for yet another week. For a dog that will do anything to get in the water, that is pretty hard. On Saturday we decided to go swimming with some friends a Barton Springs. We packed up the bag we normally take to the greenelt with Hiro along with some towels. I guess that Hiro figured we were going to the greenbelt without him and got mad. He took one of Jon's flip flops outside and destroyed it. The next day Jon went looking for his lost shoe and found it outside. When he brought it in and tossed it on the living room floor for me to see, Hiro jumped up on the couch and tried to hide behind my back. It was so cute! Jon and I just sat there laughing. Hiro clearly knew what he did wrong. :) Hopefully Jon and I will be a little better a discipline once we have kids.

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