Jun 8, 2008

New desires

Jon has decided he wants to buy a motorcycle, which I think I am cool with. He had one before we meet so it wouldn't be his first bike (which makes me feel better). He wants a Yamaha FZ-6. We went to look at this one today. It is really nice and pretty cool looking. I think we will have one in our garage soon. Whenever Jon wants to buy a new "toy" he always asks me if I want something. I think this is to atone for him buying something for himself that is not a necessity. It is a sweet gesture, but I am always going to Target or somewhere to buy something I probably don't need. He rarely spends money on himself.

Anyway, when Jon started asking me what I would want, it got me thinking. Now that we have a house there is so many things I want to do with it. Clearly I take after my parents, who are either remodeling their house or talking about what to remodel next. Here is a list of things I want to do to our house.
  • wood floors in the living room and hallways (and maybe the office and bedrooms)
  • granite counter tops - my mother-in-law just got some and they look great!
  • a new refrigerator - I want the kind with the freezer drawer on the bottom and double doors on the top.
This list makes me realize how grown up I am now...it's kind of scary! :) Such is life, I guess.

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