Sep 2, 2011

An Eventful Morning

On Friday mornings, Aedan and I go to Gymboree. He loves it! This morning he was a little bit on the tired side because he only took one nap yesterday.

Yes we still take two naps at almost 18months old. What can I say, he totally gets this from Jon.

Anyway, only one nap yesterday and then daddy kept him up late snacking on cheese puffs while mommy went out with a friend.

photo (3)

Despite being tired, Aedan was having a lot of fun at Gymboree until the end. They were doing the closing song and of course Aedan was running around. He found an inner tube and decided to climb in. I’m not sure what he did, but he must have climbing in weird because he immediately started crying. I went and got him and he was so upset. He didn’t look hurt but he would not calm down.

I packed up our stuff and went out to the car. I figured he would calm down once he was in his carseat with his blanket and milk but it was a no go. About half way home, I glanced in the review mirror and noticed he was holding his right arm up close to his chest. I thought maybe he had hurt his arm so we hurried home and as soon as I brought him inside Jon came out of the office to see what was wrong (Aedan was still crying, poor guy). He would let Jon mess with his arm so I called the doctor and they said to bring him in.

Back in the car and off to the doctor we went  (Jon joined us too). Aedan cried the whole way there. As soon as we walked in the office, Aedan saw the train that goes around the top of the waiting area. He reached out with his right arm and immediately stopped crying.

Doesn’t that always happen. As soon as we get to the doctor he is fine. Sigh.

Of course we saw the doctor anyway and as she checked out his arm she said she heard a little pop at his elbow. She said it was probably Nursemaids Elbow and he partially popped it back in himself when he pointed to the train.

By the time we left he was back to normal and talked the whole way home. So I think we are all ready to enjoy a three day weekend (hopefully with no more injuries)!


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